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Jedi embracing jamstack
10 December 2019

Blitz 3 – Embracing the JAMstack

Blitz 3 brings innovations and features that empower you to be the Jedi developer that you are. Deploy bat-out-of-hell-fast sites using Twig and your favourite Craft plugins, serving them from edge CDNs with continuous deployment, version control and one-click rollbacks.

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Craft deploy to Netlify with Blitz
29 November 2019

Deploying a Craft site to Netlify with Blitz 3

Using the Git Deployer that comes with Blitz 3, you can now set up Craft CMS to automatically deploy to Netlify Edge (the super-charged CDN). The entire process takes around 20 minutes, excluding DNS propagation time. 

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Remote deployment services
15 October 2019

Blitz 3 is Here: “Hello, JAMstack”

Blitz 3 is here (in public beta) and allows you to bring your Jedi Twig templating skills to the JAMstack!!

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Dotall 2019 walking tour
25 September 2019

Takeaways from Dot All in Mon­tréal

Dot All 2019 recently wrapped up and it did not disappoint!! Dubbed the JAMstack conference” by attendees, there were some big announcements like Craft CMS 4 and Craft Cloud. All in all though, this conference was about the people, their stories and the community.

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Redesign 2007-2019
11 September 2019

How The Web Moves On, And Doesn't

Today we are overjoyed to launch a new major redesign. Huge thanks to Seamus Holman, Sarah Waring and Jana Grabner for helping to make this a reality!!

8 years ago today we revealed our first major redesign to the PutYourLightsOn brand. To my surprise, while taking a trip down memory lane, I realised that even though the web has really moved on since then, design really hasn’t that much.

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Project config database
15 April 2019

A Technical Rundown of How Project Config Works

As of Craft 3.1.0, Project Config” is a thing. Here’s a technical rundown of how it works.

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Project config control panel
20 March 2019

Understanding Project Config in Craft CMS

Craft CMS 3.1 introduces some big features, most noticably Project Config. Project Config is a configuration setting which, when enabled, turns a .yaml file into the single source of truth for a site’s schema.

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Static file caching
22 November 2018

Static File Caching with Craft CMS 3, aka The Best Of Both Worlds

In a recent redesign of the PutYourLightsOn website, we decided to start with a blank slate. It became an excellent opportunity to re-evaluate the state of web publishing tools in 2018 with the aim of utilising the best possible means to build a lightning-fast site that would still enable a great authoring experience.

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Dotall 2018 Ben Croker 03
15 October 2018

The Mystery of Presenting at Tech Conferences Revealed

This article was written after the DotAll Conference 2018. The developer community I refer to is the incredibly supportive Craft CMS community.

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From The Archives #

ExpressionEngine Conference 2014
1 October 2014

Upcoming ExpressionEngine Conference

In just a few days I will find myself amongst my peers at the biggest ExpressionEngine event of the year, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. A lot has happened in the CMS world over the past year and I feel that the conference is a great way to come to terms with some of these changes and to check in” with the community and with the team behind EE.

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Craft plugins launched 02
3 September 2014

Craft Plugins Launched

Today marks the beginning of an exciting time for us. We have just taken 2 of our Craft CMS plugins, Snaptcha and Sitemap, out of private beta, and the 1.0.0 releases are now available.

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Sales support post visualisation
4 March 2014

Add-on Support Visualised

Lately I’ve become more aware of a pattern that seems to be quite common among software within the ExpressionEngine community, and it not only appears within third-party add-ons but stems all the way from the core product itself.

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Multi language 1
18 June 2013

Multi Language Module Now Free For Everyone

The Multi Language Module has been free for non-profit organisations since it’s release nearly 4 years ago, but as of today we are making it a free add-on for personal and commercial use as well.

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12 June 2013

Sponsoring ExpressionEngine Conference 2013

PutYourLightsOn is proud to be an official sponsor of the ExpressionEngine Conference 2013!! The conference will take place on the 14th and 15th of October in Portland, Oregon, and has a great line up of speakers.

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Craft publish
28 May 2013

Why I’m So Excited About Craft (and why you should be)

In the past couple of weeks I’ve spent more and more time playing with Craft, the new CMS by Pixel & Tonic. When I say playing with, I mean working with, but since it is proving to be such a joy to use, I feel that playing” is a more appropriate word.

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Ben eeuk 01
22 May 2013

EEUK & Open API Revealed

I had the pleasure of revealing Open API, my latest creation for ExpressionEngine, in my presentation at EEUK 2013. Open API is a front-end, http-based API for ExpressionEngine that provides authentication and CRUD (create/​read/​update/​delete) functionality to content and data in the CMS.

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13 December 2012

All Add-on Income Donated On 13.12.11

To celebrate the large success of Expresso and our other add-ons this year, all income from sales of all PutYourLightsOn add-ons today (13.12.11) will be donated to charity (supporting education programs in West Africa).

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11 December 2012

End of Year Round-up

2012 seems to have flown by rather quickly but it has been an action-packed year. We released three add-ons this year, two of which have been nominated for the devot-ee AcademEE Awards. We attended EECI Europe and I had the honour of speaking at EECI U.S.

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Eeci us 2012 presentation sized
22 October 2012

EECI US 2012

I was lucky enough to go to both EECI’s this year, the European one in Leiden and the US one near Austin which happened last week. In fact I was invited to speak at the US one and felt very honoured to present to my fellow EE community members. I gave a talk on the developer’s track and it was a full house, standing room only!!

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Devotee sales 1
29 February 2012

Visualising Devot-ee Sales

If like me you sell your ExpressionEngine add-ons on devot-ee then you are definitely familiar with the sales reports page. It gives a quick overview and tabular report of the selected month’s sales. But if you want to properly analyse your sales then you simply need to visualise them. I’ve written a small php script to do just that and frankly I’ve surprised myself with how insightful it is.

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Responsive cp 2
22 January 2012

Responsive CP Finally Released

Responsive CP is an ExpressionEngine theme that I started working on over a year ago but that I only released to the public as a free add-on last week. You may have already noticed it in the various screenshots of our add-ons. The theme has two main goals – to provide a more professional looking control panel and to work well on desktop as well as mobile devices with small to medium screen sizes.

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EECI 2011 cheat sheet
31 October 2011

Highlights of EECI 2011

Wow what a week! EECI in Brooklyn was a huge success and the ExpressionEngine event of the year. Great speakers, great people, great organisation and an amazing venue! Below are some of my personal highlights.

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Redesign 2011
11 September 2011

Another Year, Another Redesign

Another year has past and since the summer a redesign of PutYourLightsOn has been in the works. Today I am proud to finally make it live!

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