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Redesign 2007-2019
11 September 2019

How The Web Moves On, And Doesn't

Today we are over­joyed to launch a new major redesign. Huge thanks to Seamus Hol­man, Sarah War­ing and Jana Grabn­er for help­ing to make this a reality!!

8 years ago today we revealed our first major redesign to the PutY­our­Light­sOn brand. To my sur­prise, while tak­ing a trip down memory lane, I real­ised that even though the web has really moved on since then, design really hasn’t that much.

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Project config database
15 April 2019

A Technical Rundown of How Project Config Works

As of Craft 3.1.0, Pro­ject Con­fig” is a thing. Here’s a tech­nic­al run­down of how it works.

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Project config control panel
20 March 2019

Understanding Project Config in Craft CMS

Craft CMS 3.1 intro­duces some big fea­tures, most not­ic­ably Pro­ject Con­fig. Pro­ject Con­fig is a con­fig­ur­a­tion set­ting which, when enabled, turns a .yaml file into the single source of truth for a site’s schema.

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Static file caching
21 November 2018

Static File Caching with Craft CMS 3, aka The Best Of Both Worlds

In a recent redesign of the PutY­our­Light­sOn web­site, we decided to start with a blank slate. It became an excel­lent oppor­tun­ity to re-eval­u­ate the state of web pub­lish­ing tools in 2018 with the aim of util­ising the best pos­sible means to build a light­ning-fast site that would still enable a great author­ing experience.

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Dotall 2018 Ben Croker 03
15 October 2018

The Mystery of Presenting at Tech Conferences Revealed

This art­icle was writ­ten after the Dot­All Con­fer­ence 2018. The developer com­munity I refer to is the incred­ibly sup­port­ive Craft CMS community.

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From The Archives #

ExpressionEngine Conference 2014
1 October 2014

Upcoming ExpressionEngine Conference

In just a few days I will find myself amongst my peers at the biggest Expres­sion­En­gine event of the year, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. A lot has happened in the CMS world over the past year and I feel that the con­fer­ence is a great way to come to terms with some of these changes and to check in” with the com­munity and with the team behind EE.

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Craft plugins launched 02
3 September 2014

Craft Plugins Launched

Today marks the begin­ning of an excit­ing time for us. We have just taken 2 of our Craft CMS plu­gins, Snaptcha and Sitemap, out of private beta, and the 1.0.0 releases are now available.

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Sales support post visualisation
4 March 2014

Add-on Support Visualised

Lately I’ve become more aware of a pat­tern that seems to be quite com­mon among soft­ware with­in the Expres­sion­En­gine com­munity, and it not only appears with­in third-party add-ons but stems all the way from the core product itself.

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Multi language 1
18 June 2013

Multi Language Module Now Free For Everyone

The Multi Lan­guage Mod­ule has been free for non-profit organ­isa­tions since it’s release nearly 4 years ago, but as of today we are mak­ing it a free add-on for per­son­al and com­mer­cial use as well.

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12 June 2013

Sponsoring ExpressionEngine Conference 2013

PutY­our­Light­sOn is proud to be an offi­cial spon­sor of the Expres­sion­En­gine Con­fer­ence 2013!! The con­fer­ence will take place on the 14th and 15th of Octo­ber in Port­land, Ore­gon, and has a great line up of speakers.

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Craft publish
28 May 2013

Why I’m So Excited About Craft (and why you should be)

In the past couple of weeks I’ve spent more and more time play­ing with Craft, the new CMS by Pixel & Ton­ic. When I say play­ing with, I mean work­ing with, but since it is prov­ing to be such a joy to use, I feel that play­ing” is a more appro­pri­ate word.

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Ben eeuk 01
22 May 2013

EEUK & Open API Revealed

I had the pleas­ure of reveal­ing Open API, my latest cre­ation for Expres­sion­En­gine, in my present­a­tion at EEUK 2013. Open API is a front-end, http-based API for Expres­sion­En­gine that provides authen­tic­a­tion and CRUD (create/​read/​update/​delete) func­tion­al­ity to con­tent and data in the CMS.

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13 December 2012

All Add-on Income Donated On 13.12.11

To cel­eb­rate the large suc­cess of Expresso and our oth­er add-ons this year, all income from sales of all PutY­our­Light­sOn add-ons today (13.12.11) will be donated to char­ity (sup­port­ing edu­ca­tion pro­grams in West Africa).

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11 December 2012

End of Year Round-up

2012 seems to have flown by rather quickly but it has been an action-packed year. We released three add-ons this year, two of which have been nom­in­ated for the devot-ee Aca­demEE Awards. We atten­ded EECI Europe and I had the hon­our of speak­ing at EECI U.S.

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Eeci us 2012 presentation sized
22 October 2012

EECI US 2012

I was lucky enough to go to both EECI’s this year, the European one in Leiden and the US one near Aus­tin which happened last week. In fact I was invited to speak at the US one and felt very hon­oured to present to my fel­low EE com­munity mem­bers. I gave a talk on the developer’s track and it was a full house, stand­ing room only!!

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Devotee sales 1
29 February 2012

Visualising Devot-ee Sales

If like me you sell your Expres­sion­En­gine add-ons on devot-ee then you are def­in­itely famil­i­ar with the sales reports page. It gives a quick over­view and tab­u­lar report of the selec­ted month’s sales. But if you want to prop­erly ana­lyse your sales then you simply need to visu­al­ise them. I’ve writ­ten a small php script to do just that and frankly I’ve sur­prised myself with how insight­ful it is.

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Responsive cp 2
22 January 2012

Responsive CP Finally Released

Respons­ive CP is an Expres­sion­En­gine theme that I star­ted work­ing on over a year ago but that I only released to the pub­lic as a free add-on last week. You may have already noticed it in the vari­ous screen­shots of our add-ons. The theme has two main goals – to provide a more pro­fes­sion­al look­ing con­trol pan­el and to work well on desktop as well as mobile devices with small to medi­um screen sizes.

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EECI 2011 cheat sheet
31 October 2011

Highlights of EECI 2011

Wow what a week! EECI in Brook­lyn was a huge suc­cess and the Expres­sion­En­gine event of the year. Great speak­ers, great people, great organ­isa­tion and an amaz­ing ven­ue! Below are some of my per­son­al highlights.

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Redesign 2011
11 September 2011

Another Year, Another Redesign

Anoth­er year has past and since the sum­mer a redesign of PutY­our­Light­sOn has been in the works. Today I am proud to finally make it live!

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