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We specialise in working with Craft CMS. Selected as an official Craft CMS development partner, we develop both commercial and free Craft CMS plugins, as well as providing custom plugin development and training.

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Custom Development #

We love nothing more than the challenge of pushing a CMS to its limits, making it an invaluable part of your business. In addition to our commercial and free plugins, we develop custom plugins that do everything from relatively simple tasks to complex algorithmic computations performed in real time. 

User experience is at the core of all our development, ensuring that you receive not only highly performant, reliable and scalable software but also intuitive and simple user interfaces that are a pleasure to use.

Training #

Passionate about learning and sharing, we develop training videos for Craft CMS, available on CraftQuest and Mijingo, as well as providing one-on-one and team developer training. 

Our in-person training often takes the form of building a custom plugin with our clients. In addition to receiving a tailored solution, you benefit from having a developer or developers on your team with deep understanding of the software capable of maintaining and developing it further.

Public Speaking #

PutYourLightsOn has contributed to various technology conferences in the U.S. and Europe. Most recently, lead developer Ben Croker delivered his presentation The Art of Plugin Development” at DotAll 2018, the official Craft CMS developer conference.

Code Reviews #

The quality of your code and those of your developers is of utmost importance to us. We perform software audits and code reviews that help ensure it is of the highest standard. This can take place during one or more of your planning, implementation and/​or deployment stages.

We examine and provide detailed quality assurance reports on the most critical aspects of your software – performance, security and scalability – helping to produce software of the highest quality. Whenever necessary, we also provide training and best practices.