Development as an Art

We specialise in building plugins for Craft CMS, our content management system of choice. These plugins extend the existing functionality of the CMS in powerful ways, providing endless possibilities to websites and the people that manage them.

User experience is at the core of everything that we do. It is the starting point for all of our development work and is the metric by which we measure our success and impact.

As well as developing Craft CMS plugins for the official plugin store, we also develop custom plugins that provide specific solutions to our clients. We consult on websites built with Craft CMS and we teach plugin development in-person, through video chat and with video courses.

We Love Building Plugins

We have built countless custom plugins and solutions for clients all over the world. Some of our work is available to the public as free open-source and commercial plugins, which we build with joy.

Below is a small selection of our favourite work.



Craft 3 / $49

Blitz provides intelligent static file caching for creating lightning-fast sites with Craft CMS. It highly improve a site's performance by reducing server response time.

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Craft 3 / $149

Campaign is an email marketing plugin built specifically for Craft 3. It brings the distribution of content by email into the CMS, where we believe it should be.

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Craft 3, Craft 2 / $99

Sherlock is a security scanner and monitor to keep your site and CMS secure. An essential plugin for any site and CMS that stores sensitive or important data.

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What Others Have Said

Zach Williams

Zach Williams Venveo

I've worked with Ben for almost 10 years, and he has incredible expertise in both development and user experience. He is dependable and does an excellent job at both execution and planning projects to ensure that things run smoothly. He's a pleasure to work with and I would recommend his services.

Caroline C. Blaker

Caroline C. Blaker Petroglyph Creative

Whether it's in written code, directive advisement, or big topic perspective; Ben is the ultimate teammate. Not only have I grown from working with him, but so has my work, with my clients preferring his add-ons that work superlatively, especially Snatpcha.

Seamus Holman

Seamus Holman Gridwork

I have been buying add-ons from Ben for a long, long time. Every long-time CMS developer knows how risky add-ons are for a healthy project. They are often the first things to be abandoned, break, or open up giant security craters. Not so with PutYourLightsOn products. Not only do they “just work”, but they gracefully fill security & performance gaps. And having seen Ben present his work in person, it’s no surprise. He’s the rarest of developers that seems to understand the inner workings of complex systems AND how to make them interesting and exciting to more skeptical, judgmental developers.

Ryan White

Ryan White Web Developer

I’ve been developing with Craft CMS and ExpressionEngine both alongside Ben in house and on my own since 2011. I can’t name another person who has helped me grow stronger as a developer. Even though we currently don’t work together on the same team, I still often consult him, his code, and use his coding techniques and principles as a benchmark while developing my own work. He’s simply a top quality developer who makes top quality work and an all round quality person to know, collaborate with, and learn from.

Sarah Waring

Sarah Waring Writer & Editor

Ben Croker offers much more than technical excellence. I was delighted with his considered approach to realising my website from its initial planning to the moment it went live as well as its after care, finding creative solutions at every stage of the process.

Philip Thygesen

Philip Thygesen Boomy

Ben is not just a talented developer/programmer but also a great teacher. He takes the time to make sure you understand everything. Furthermore, he is one of those developers who can troubleshoot a code issue written by others and find a solution to it without having to analyse all of the underlying code.

Daryl Knight

Daryl Knight CodeKnight

Ben’s teaching methods were really easy to follow. He’s enthusiastic and cares about his work, which really comes through in his teaching style. He was patient, and gave great examples to make complicated principles seems straightforward.

Jonathan Melville

Jonathan Melville Melville Digital Development

Ben is great at taking a complex subject and breaking it down in a way that you can wrap your mind around. I thought that plugin development was something I would never understand, and happily Ben proved me wrong!

Partner with us on your project.

We are selective about who we work with, but when we find that we are a good fit then we partner with like-minded companies who are interested in doing impactful, meaningful and high-quality work.