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Dependable Craft CMS plugins for ridiculous speed, streamlined email marketing and actual security.

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Intelligent static page caching for lightning-fast sites.

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Send and manage email campaigns, the Craft way.

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Security scanner and monitor to keep your site secure.

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Custom plugins for your specific needs.
$500 - $50,000

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What some of our customers had to say

I’ve worked with Ben for almost 10 years, and he has incredible expertise in both development and user experience. He is dependable and does an excellent job at both execution and planning projects to ensure that things run smoothly. He’s a pleasure to work with and I would recommend his services.”

Zach Williams, Venveo

Whether it’s in written code, directive advisement or big topic perspective, Ben is the ultimate teammate. Not only have I grown from working with him but so has my work and my clients prefer his plugins that work superlatively.”

Caroline C. Blaker, Aquarian Web Studio

Ben is one of the most skilled and professional people we have ever worked with. He has a calm and structured way of looking at challenges, has helped us to clarify our goals and always delivered code on time. His estimations were spot-on, he carefully listened and overall was a joy to work with. We learned a lot from him and would love to collaborate again.”

Harry Keller,

I can’t name another person who has helped me grow stronger as a developer than Ben. I often consult him and his code, and use his coding techniques and principles as a benchmark. He’s simply a top quality developer who makes top quality work and an all round quality person to know, collaborate with and learn from.”

Ryan White, Modelesque

Ben offers much more than technical excellence. I was delighted with his considered approach to realising my website from its initial planning to the moment it went live as well as its after care, finding creative solutions at every stage of the process.”

Sarah Waring, Writer & Editor

Every CMS developer knows how risky plugins are for a healthy project. They are often the first things to be abandoned, break, or open up giant security craters. Not so with PutYourLightsOn products. Not only do they just work but also gracefully fill security and performance gaps. And having seen Ben present his work in person, it’s no surprise. He’s the rarest of developers that seems to understand the inner workings of complex systems AND how to make them interesting and exciting to more skeptical, judgmental developers.”

Seamus Holman, Gridwork

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