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Intelligent static page caching for lightning-fast sites.

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Send and manage email campaigns, contacts and lists.

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Security scanner and monitor to keep your site secure.

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What 6 of our customers had to say

I’ve worked with Ben for almost 10 years, and he has incred­ible expert­ise in both devel­op­ment and user exper­i­ence. He is depend­able and does an excel­lent job at both exe­cu­tion and plan­ning pro­jects to ensure that things run smoothly. He’s a pleas­ure to work with and I would recom­mend his services.”

Zach Williams, Venveo

Wheth­er it’s in writ­ten code, dir­ect­ive advise­ment or big top­ic per­spect­ive, Ben is the ulti­mate team­mate. Not only have I grown from work­ing with him but so has my work and my cli­ents prefer his addons that work superlatively.”

Caroline C. Blaker, Petroglyph Creative

Ben is one of the most skilled and pro­fes­sion­al people we have ever worked with. He has a calm and struc­tured way of look­ing at chal­lenges, has helped us to cla­ri­fy our goals and always delivered code on time. His estim­a­tions were spot-on, he care­fully listened and over­all was a joy to work with. We learned a lot from him and would love to col­lab­or­ate again.”

Harry Keller,

I can’t name anoth­er per­son who has helped me grow stronger as a developer than Ben. I often con­sult him and his code, and use his cod­ing tech­niques and prin­ciples as a bench­mark. He’s simply a top qual­ity developer who makes top qual­ity work and an all round qual­ity per­son to know, col­lab­or­ate with and learn from.”

Ryan White, Web Developer

Ben offers much more than tech­nic­al excel­lence. I was delighted with his con­sidered approach to real­ising my web­site from its ini­tial plan­ning to the moment it went live as well as its after care, find­ing cre­at­ive solu­tions at every stage of the process.”

Sarah Waring, Writer & Editor

Every CMS developer knows how risky add-ons are for a healthy pro­ject. They are often the first things to be aban­doned, break, or open up giant secur­ity craters. Not so with PutY­our­Light­sOn products. Not only do they just work but also grace­fully fill secur­ity and per­form­ance gaps. And hav­ing seen Ben present his work in per­son, it’s no sur­prise. He’s the rarest of developers that seems to under­stand the inner work­ings of com­plex sys­tems AND how to make them inter­est­ing and excit­ing to more skep­tic­al, judg­ment­al developers.”

Seamus Holman, Gridwork

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