Performance enhancing plugins for every Craft CMS site.

Craft CMS Plugins #

Blitz Logo


Intelligent static page caching for lightning-fast sites.
Craft 3 $99

Campaign Logo


Send and manage email campaigns, contacts and lists.
Craft 3 $149

Sprig Logo


A reactive Twig component framework for Craft.
Craft 3 Free

Snaptcha Logo


Invisible CAPTCHA to pre­vent spam form sub­missions.
Craft 3 $49

Sherlock Logo


Security scanner and monitor to keep your site secure.
Craft 3 Free

Plugin Sales Logo

Plugin Sales

Beautiful charts and reports of your plugin sales.
Craft 3 $99

Amazon SES Logo

Amazon SES

Send email using the Amazon Simple Email Service.
Craft 3 Free

Elements Panel Logo

Elements Panel

Benchmark elements and eager-loading in the debug toolbar.
Craft 3 Free

Blitz Recommendations Logo

Blitz Recommendations

Templating performance recommendations in the control panel.
Craft 3 Free

CP Style Guide Logo

CP Style Guide

A style guide for control panel pages in Craft CMS.
Craft 3 Free

Dashboard Begone Logo

Dashboard Begone

Removes the dashboard and redirects users to the entries page.
Craft 3 Free

Sendgrid Logo


Send email using the SendGrid API.
Craft 3 Free

Entry Count Logo

Entry Count

Count and display entry views.
Craft 3 Free

Untransform Logo


Replaces image transform URLs with placeholder images.
Craft 3 Free

ExpressionEngine Add-Ons #


Invisible CAPTCHA to pre­vent spam form sub­missions.
EE6 $29

Sitemap Module

Creates a dynamic XML sitemap of your entire site.
EE6 $49


Intuitive WYSIWYG field for happy content editors.
EE5 $19


Send mass mails directly from the control panel.
EE2 $149


Quickly access the most essential sections of the CP.
EE2 Free

Responsive CP

Makes the control panel work better with mobile devices.
EE2 Free

Open API

Front-end CRUD API for ExpressionEngine.
EE2 Free


Real-time visitor tracking add-on.
EE2 Free

Add-On Development Cheat Sheet

Cheat sheet for add-on development in EE2.
EE2 Free