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Send email using the Amazon Simple Email Service.

The Amazon SES plugin provides an Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) mailer adapter for Craft CMS.

Amazon SES settings

License #

This plugin is licensed for free under the MIT License.

Requirements #

Craft CMS 3.1.0 or later.

Installation #

To install the plugin, search for Amazon SES” in the Craft Plugin Store, or install manually using composer.

composer require putyourlightson/craft-amazon-ses

Usage #

Once installed, go to Settings → Email, and change the Transport Type” setting to Amazon SES”. Enter your region and credentials (which you can get from your AWS Developer Console page). 

You can leave the API key and secret blank to use the default credential provider chain (docs).

You can optionally specify a configuration set to be notified when an email bounces or some other action happens (docs).