The Multi Language Module has been free for non-profit organisations since it’s release nearly 4 years ago, but as of today we are making it a free add-on for personal and commercial use as well.

Multi language 1

Multi-lingual functionality in ExpressionEngine, as with any CMS, is plain tricky. Due to the vast number of requirements and possibilities that a CMS needs to handle there is to this day no silver bullet add-on for solving the problem. We developed the Multi Language Module originally for our own needs since no other add-ons provided the functionality we required at the time. Since then many other add-ons have been released to tackle multi-lingual functionality, including the excellent Transcribe by EEHarbor and Publisher by BoldMinded.

While we are proud of the Multi Language Module and have had great feedback from people about it, the add-on is a bit outdated and really only suitable for smaller sites with less demand for multi-lingual functionality. So for that reason we are making it a free add-on for everyone to use as you wish. This also means however that the add-on will not be further developed and that support requests will get second priority after commercial add-ons.