We’re pleased to announce that our last remaining ExpressionEngine add-ons, Sitemap and Snaptcha, have been acquired by BoldMinded. This marks our complete exit from the EE ecosystem.

Robot waving to the setting sun

The Sitemap Module was the first PutYourLightsOn commercial add-on ever to be released way back in 2009 and was our best-selling add-on. Snaptcha was arguably our most beloved add-on, winning awards and the hearts of spam-adverse developers.

Sitemap and Snaptcha add-ons

As of today, Sitemap and Snaptcha (for EE) have a new home at bold​minded​.com.

I’ve known Brian Litzinger, founder of BoldMinded, for over ten years. He is a quality developer, and I am confident that both add-ons will be in good hands. All our other EE add-ons have been discontinued, meaning we’ve made a clean break from the ExpressionEngine world. 

I’m grateful to the ExpressionEngine community for helping springboard PutYourLightsOn all those years ago, including EllisLab, devot:ee and all of the friends and colleagues I made along the way.