Upcoming ExpressionEngine Conference

1 October 2014

In just a few days I will find myself amongst my peers at the biggest Expres­sion­En­gine event of the year, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. A lot has happened in the CMS world over the past year and I feel that the con­fer­ence is a great way to come to terms with some of these changes and to check in” with the com­munity and with the team behind EE.

ExpressionEngine Conference 2014

I come to the Expres­sion­En­gine con­fer­ences, as always, eager to meet people and to see old friends, to learn a thing or two, and to leave feel­ing inspired. But think­ing back over the past couple of years, what I remem­ber most about them, and what has had the most pro­found effect on me, was simply spend­ing time in the pres­ence of people that are like me. People who can relate to my exper­i­ences and who share my pas­sion for doing great work.

At some point in the past I decided that I was going to start doing the best work of my life”, and that is the source of inspir­a­tion for my talk at this year’s con­fer­ence. The CMS is near and dear to me, and I want to see it restored to its former glory”. I will share my vis­ion for how that can be real­ised, not in the­ory but in prac­tice, today and now.