Upcoming ExpressionEngine Conference

1 October 2014

In just a few days I will find myself amongst my peers at the biggest ExpressionEngine event of the year, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. A lot has happened in the CMS world over the past year and I feel that the conference is a great way to come to terms with some of these changes and to check in” with the community and with the team behind EE.

ExpressionEngine Conference 2014

I come to the ExpressionEngine conferences, as always, eager to meet people and to see old friends, to learn a thing or two, and to leave feeling inspired. But thinking back over the past couple of years, what I remember most about them, and what has had the most profound effect on me, was simply spending time in the presence of people that are like me. People who can relate to my experiences and who share my passion for doing great work.

At some point in the past I decided that I was going to start doing the best work of my life”, and that is the source of inspiration for my talk at this year’s conference. The CMS is near and dear to me, and I want to see it restored to its former glory”. I will share my vision for how that can be realised, not in theory but in practice, today and now.