Highlights of EECI 2011

31 October 2011

Wow what a week! EECI in Brook­lyn was a huge suc­cess and the Expres­sion­En­gine event of the year. Great speak­ers, great people, great organ­isa­tion and an amaz­ing ven­ue! Below are some of my per­son­al highlights.

EECI 2011 cheat sheet

DevDay #

  • Thrown togeth­er in groups of 8 – 10, I end up in a group of all developers (no design­ers) so we decide to build some kick-ass fea­tures and hope that the USB stick we get has some graph­ics pre-loaded on it (it doesn’t).
  • The guy sit­ting next to me, Luke from eecoder, becomes my best friend for the day as we throw ideas around.
  • We present the site that we have built in a day to the entire room, wow the audi­ence with our rat­ings bar and crack them up with our trade­mark developer” design, includ­ing our (what’s that, hov­er makes it italicised) call-to-action text in Georgia!

Con­fer­ence Day 1 #

  • Leslie Caman­cho (Ellis­Lab CEO) reveals some excit­ing stats about Expres­sion­En­gine, good news about the state of the com­pany and a nice license update for CodeIgniter.
  • Dav­id Dex­ter demoes the beast that is Bril­lian­tRe­tail (now I get the blue gor­illa illus­tra­tion). Ser­i­ously impress­ive amount of fea­tures (that must have taken a while), although per­son­ally I still prefer CartThrob’s philo­sophy and implementation.
  • Lodewijk Schutte talks about parse order in detail, high­light­ing unex­pec­ted baha­viour and per­form­ance factors.
  • Aaron Gust­afson talks about pro­gress­ive enhance­ment and grace­ful degrad­a­tion — this top­ic can get very in-depth — and how we can start using HTML5 now.
  • Am chat­ting with some attendees when one of them (@cwcrawley) men­tions a great add-on devel­op­ment cheat sheet” — he is refer­ring to this — love it when that happens!

Con­fer­ence Day 2 #

  • Matt Wein­berg offers up 10 ways to rock Expres­sion­En­gine — men­tions my loop plu­gin and some oth­er great tips for EE developers.
  • Bri­an War­ren presents his talk on how to make cli­ent-friendly exper­i­ences with EE that really makes me think twice about cli­ent inter­ac­tion and thi­er spe­cif­ic data input needs.
  • Mark Huot shares some nice cod­ing con­ven­tions for devel­op­ing EE add-ons, in par­tic­u­lar his con­fig and mhbase files.
  • After­party with my fel­low Expres­sion­En­gine com­munity mem­bers… need I say more?

A big THANK YOU to Robert for organ­ising the event. I’m already look­ing for­ward to next year’s EECI and any upcom­ing EE events in Europe, which I would even be will­ing to help organise.

I have only men­tioned some of the talks above. Check out the links to all of the slides from the conference.