How The Web Moves On, And Doesn't

11 September 2019

Today we are overjoyed to launch a new major redesign. Huge thanks to Seamus Holman, Sarah Waring and Jana Grabner for helping to make this a reality!!

8 years ago today we revealed our first major redesign to the PutYourLightsOn brand. To my surprise, while taking a trip down memory lane, I realised that even though the web has really moved on since then, design really hasn’t that much.

Redesign 2007-2019

Original Design (2007) #

The original design used a dark background with some bold neon colours to add playful contrast.

2007 Redesign

2011 Redesign #

The 2011 redesign moved to a dark on light colour scheme for better readability. In addition to a new design, the plugin docs were completely rewritten, making this a mega site relaunch.

2011 Redesign

2018 Redesign #

In 2018 we introduced a responsive design which was much overdue. This was done rather quickly, knowing that a major redesign was in the pipeline.

2018 Redesign

2019 Redesign #

We really took our time on getting this redesign just the way we wanted it. All in all it took 6 months of planning, illustrating, designing and content creation. We are delighted with the result and feel that it encapsulates our philosophy better than any of our previous designs.

2019 Redesign