Visualising Devot-ee Sales

29 February 2012

If like me you sell your Expres­sion­En­gine add-ons on devot-ee then you are def­in­itely famil­i­ar with the sales reports page. It gives a quick over­view and tab­u­lar report of the selec­ted month’s sales. But if you want to prop­erly ana­lyse your sales then you simply need to visu­al­ise them. I’ve writ­ten a small php script to do just that and frankly I’ve sur­prised myself with how insight­ful it is.

Devotee sales 1

By default the script shows num­ber of sales per add-on per month.

Chan­ging a set­ting in the script dis­plays the amount of income per add-on per month.

Sales graph

I find the com­par­is­on between these two graphs fas­cin­at­ing. Although Expresso sells more than any oth­er add-on, the Sitemap Mod­ule (at $30 more) is by far the highest earner. And although the num­ber of sales has skyrock­eted since the start of 2012, the amount of income has not ris­en nearly as dra­mat­ic­ally (note that I have hid­den the exact fig­ures in the screen­shots above).