Craft Plugins Launched

3 September 2014

Today marks the beginning of an exciting time for us. We have just taken 2 of our Craft CMS plugins, Snaptcha and Sitemap, out of private beta, and the 1.0.0 releases are now available.

Craft plugins launched 02

Both plugins are very similar to our ExpressionEngine add-ons, however they take advantages of Craft specific features to make then even more useful. We already have some ideas for new features but are keen on keeping them lean plugins that each do one thing and do it well.

The pricing of the plugins is in line with the price increase of our ExpressionEngine add-ons. As much as we want to keep our prices low, maintaining our software, ensuring our code is of the highest quality and providing free updates and personal support is our first priority. For that reason we have upped the price but have done our best to ensure that they remain as affordable as possible.

As always thank you for your continued support and encouragement. We hope you are as excited as us about Craft plugins!!