The Blitz plugin provides intelligent static file caching for creating lightning-fast sites with Craft CMS.

  • Reduces page load times (TTFB) and load on the server significantly.
  • Makes your site available even when performing updates and maintenance.
  • Makes it possible to have your site served by a content delivery network (CDN).

Although the performance gains depend on the individual site and server setup, the following results are not uncommon (on a 5 Mbps cable connection with 28ms of latency). Google recommends a server response time of 200ms or less.


When caching is enabled and a URI on the site is visited that matches an included URI pattern, Blitz will serve a cached HTML file if it exists, otherwise it will cache the template output to a HTML file. Excluded URI patterns will override any matching included URI patterns.

Using a server rewrite will avoid unnecessary PHP processing and will increase performance even more.

Blitz is compatible with live preview. It will detect when it is being used and will not cache its output or display cached file content (provided the server rewrite, if used, checks for GET requests only).

When an element is saved or deleted, any cached template files that used that element are deleted. A job is then automatically queued to refresh the cleared cache files. This applies to all element types, including global sets.

The “Blitz Cache” utility allows users to clear and warm the cache. Warming the cache will first clear the cache and then add a job to the queue to pre-cache files. Cached files and folders can be cleared manually using the utility or by simply deleting them on the server.


Read the full documentation here.

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