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User experience designer for plugin control panel pages.

This plu­gin has been dis­con­tin­ued. Please refer to the CP Style Guide plu­gin which is being act­ively developed.

The Plu­gin UXD plu­gin is a user exper­i­ence design­er for plu­gin con­trol pan­el pages in Craft CMS.

It provides a set of typo­graphy, field and table ele­ments that enables you to quickly design and devel­op your plu­gin con­trol pan­el pages. 

Typography Fields Tables

License #

This plu­gin is licensed for free under the MIT License.

Require­ments #

Craft CMS 3.0.0 or later.

Install­a­tion #

To install the plu­gin, search for Plu­gin UXD” in the Craft Plu­gin Store, or install manu­ally using composer.

composer require putyourlightson/craft-plugin-uxd

Set­tings #

Nav­ig­a­tion Label
The label to give the plu­gin in the nav­ig­a­tion sidebar.

Nav­ig­a­tion Icon Mask File Path
The full path to an icon mask SVG file to show in the nav­ig­a­tion side­bar. It can begin with an ali­as, such as @root.

Tem­plate Folder Path
The full path to your tem­plate folder. It can begin with an ali­as, such as @root.

Any ref­er­ences to your tem­plates (included or exten­ded) should be writ­ten as plugin-uxd/temp/{template-path}, for example:

{% include "plugin-uxd/temp/_includes/header" %}

The stylesheet is always avail­able at /admin/plugin-uxd/stylesheet.