We offer consulting services that are focused on helping you to ensure that the quality of your code and those of your developers is of the highest standard. This can take place during one or more of the planning, implementation and deployment stages.

The work generally takes the form of a code audit in which we examine and provide detailed quality assurance reports on the most critical aspects of your software. We can also provide training to your developers in any of these aspects.

All of our consulting and training happens through direct communication with our founder, Ben Croker. With a BSc. in Computer Science and over 12 year's experience developing back-end systems, he specialises in Craft CMS plugins, ExpressionEngine add-ons and custom back-end solutions.


We look at the performance of your code on the system and more importantly on the resulting user experience. We run performance tests and provide detailed reporting of any code that is not set up to run optimally along with suggestions and actual code fixes and improvements.


We look for security vulnerabilities in your code that could be exploited by users as well as malicious third-party software. We run security tests to ensure that authentication and encryption are set up correctly and that your code conforms to the security standards of the underlying system. We provide reports detailing the security rating of your code as well as any weak spots or potential exploits along with recommendations on how to resolve them.


We look at the scalability of your code's implementation and data structures. We run scalability tests to check whether your system could crash or experience performance issues when hit by spikes in traffic, and we try to predict the thresholds at which this could happen. We provide the results of these tests in our reports along with suggestions for possible improvements.


In addition to performing code audits, we can also provide one-on-one or team training to your developers. This can be in one or more of the aspects above, in general best practices, as well as in complex custom solutions.

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Whether you have any questions about our consulting services or want to just dive right in, feel free to contact us with some details about what you are working on and how we can help you.